Dec 11
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Tracy Garnett - Animal Care Giver/Assistant Trainer PDF Print E-mail


Tracy has been with Superdog Spectrum since 1999 and has been managing our Dog Daycare since early 2009.  Her knowledge and dedication make her a very valuable leader for our team of caregivers.

Tracy is a Superdog Team Member along with her 4 dogs Smudge (Lab x), Winter (Border Collie), Beaker (Italian Greyhound), and Kizmit (Pharaoh Hound). She competes in Agility having earned a Special Advanced Agility Dog of Canada Title with Smudge along with numerous other titles. Tracy has also begun competing in Lure-Coursing with Kizmit and finds it very exciting not to mention rewarding!

Tracy has rescued three of her dogs, and has provided them with a loving, active and understanding home. She loves working with dogs as "it is a new adventure everyday". Tracy's expansive experience rehabilitating dogs with social anxieties has proven to be an exceptional asset to our Daycare and training team. We are proud to have her on board!

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