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Nov 23
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Kari Kerr - Trainer PDF Print E-mail


Hi, I'm Kari Kerr. I have been an animal lover since I was old enough to plaster my walls with animal pictures. I got my first dog when I was 3 years old while living in Germany. He was a Dachshund named Harry Von Kersch Berger Moose. I had my first true dog love in Miki, my 8 week old Rough Collie puppie, a twelfth birthday present from my parents. He and I grew up together and he was like my little brother. To this day I can still barely talk about him without crying.

Through the years subsequent to Miki, I was privileged to be mother to 6 more fur kids, 5 of which are still around today. In addition to my love of dogs I spent about 10 years self employed as a professional horse trainer. I trained and showed equines all over North America and Europe. My highest achievement was winning the Canadian Nationals Two Year Old Futurity with a big black gelding I affectionately called Julio.

I have been fortunate to bring years of horse training knowledge together with the positive training techniques taught to me at the Superdog Spectrum. Although there are many differences between dogs and horses, there are many similarities in animal communication in general and I feel my horse background has given me a well rounded perspective regarding our canine friends.

Through Superdog Spectrum I have trained my dogs to do a variety of things from performing in the Superdog Production to Agility, Flyball, Sheep Herding and Movie work. I am one of the assistants Lori Boyle, the owner of Superdog Spectrum, takes on set with her from time to time.

As was the case with horse training, my philosophy regarding working with canines is simple. We are very fortunate to have warm, living, breathing creatures who, with some love and encouragement, will do our bidding. Even more important, they are always happy to see us and we need to tear a page out of that book in our own human lives. I plan to have dogs around till I move on to the next life and I hope those that have gone before me are waiting for me with their tails wagging. They are important teachers for my 3 children and the depth of their love and loyalty is a lesson we humans need each and every day.

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