Dec 08
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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A Day in Dog DayCare at Superdog Spectrum PDF Print E-mail

What I will need:

  • collar and leash (no chokers, please)
  • my favorite snack and/or chew toy for naptime
  • blanket/bed for naptime
  • meal(s) if I need to eat during my stay.

AM: I get dropped off at SUPERDOG SPECTRUM Dog DayCare.

My caregiver will bring me for a walk shortly after I arrive.

Our canine behaviorists will meet me and place me in one of four playgroups based on my personality, social skills and maximum fun factor!

The four playgroups:

  • GREEN ACRES - The super energetic, young, playful, well socialized dogs.
  • BLUE LAGOON - The larger and/or mature adult dogs.
  • SMALLVILLE - The smaller and/or timid group of dogs, often used as a transitional group to adapt comfortably and positively.
  • ORANGE COUNTY - The social and emotional rehabilitating dogs requiring exceptionally socialized dogs - learning through play.

My playtimes will be supervised, funfest in a doggie gymnasium. The amount of playtime is determined individually for each dog to ensure safety, well being and low stress levels for the dog and the playgroup.

Upon request I will be scheduled for a nap between my playtimes, I will have an individual condo so that I can relax, rest and have my snack or the chew toy that you have brought for me.

One of my caregivers will take me for another walk mid-morning then mid-afternoon. All results on my walks will be recorded.

PM: HOMETIME! I will be content and tired having spent a day of playing, chasing and wrestling with my playmates!

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