Mar 25
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Meet the Superdog Spectrum Dog DayCare staff PDF Print E-mail

Jasmine Bass


Jasmine joined our Superdog Daycare team in 2008.  She is a very calming, generous addition to our team.  Her assertive leadership with fellow staff members and the dogs are a very strong asset.

“I love working with dogs because they are so interesting and unique.  I learn so much from them.  My dream is to become a dog trainer because I would like to help people understand their dogs better, let them know what they are getting into, understand the breed and understand the responsibility of having a dog. My chocolate lab Hambre is a social butterfly. I love how she gets along with all breeds and all sizes of dogs. She is my best friend; she always has a sparkle in her eye and always wants to learn something new.”

Sarah Beattie


Currently Sarah Beattie's bio is not available. Please come back soon to view her bio.

Catherine Gardner

Catherine is the newest member of our daycare staff. She comes to us from the U.K with boarding kennel, confirmation and obedience experience. “I love working with dogs. I can learn more about the canine mind and help canines with problematic issues. We have a fun atmosphere at work, so not only do I get to enjoy my canine friends I also get to enjoy my human friends. One of my goals is to become a Superdog member. I admire the Superdogs and their high performance; I would love to be at that level too. I love my Terrier cross Rustie, and my German Shepherd Fitz as they have always been there for me through thick and thin.”

Tracy Garnett


Tracy has been with Superdog Spectrum since 1999 and has been managing our Dog Daycare since early 2009.  Her knowledge and dedication make her a very valuable leader for our team of caregivers.

Tracy is a Superdog Team Member along with her 4 dogs Smudge (Lab x), Winter (Border Collie), Beaker (Italian Greyhound), and Kizmit (Pharaoh Hound). She competes in Agility having earned a Special Advanced Agility Dog of Canada Title with Smudge along with numerous other titles. Tracy has also begun competing in Lure-Coursing with Kizmit and finds it very exciting not to mention rewarding!

Tracy has rescued three of her dogs, and has provided them with a loving, active and understanding home. She loves working with dogs as "it is a new adventure everyday". Tracy's expansive experience rehabilitating dogs with social anxieties has proven to be an exceptional asset to our Daycare and training team. We are proud to have her on board!

Lynn Grafe


Lynn has worked in our daycare since 2007. She is a very capable dog walker and a very valuable part of our Superdog daycare team.  She plays an intricate part in the daily functioning of our facility.  She makes an effort everyday to learn more about the canine mind, and having the knowledge of our staff is a valuable resource to her.

“Working at the Superdog Spectrum inspires me.  If I am feeling down, walking the dogs and just being around them always brings me back up again!”

Lynn loves all creatures great and small.  She has a cat named “Stinky” she rescued as a stray.  Her compassion, desire and kindness are a great inspiration to all who have the pleasure of knowing and working with her.  We would be lost without the cheerful and positive attitude she brings to the Superdog Spectrum everyday.

Alex McNeil

Hey there, I'm Alex McNeil. I have loved dogs from the start and can’t think of a better way to show my love for the species then to learn everything I can learn about them.

At the age of 13 I began training dogs the very moment I got my first dog Bear. Bear is a cockapoo and when I got him as a pup, I had no idea what it meant to train dogs, to have responsibilities of owning a dog, or even the vital knowledge of how communicate properly with that dog, and yet I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. After a summer of working for the Superdogs Show I saw the connection one can make with there fellow canine family member and thought, ‘How can I do that? How do I get the trust and respect that these two very different species have for each other, with my dog?’

Then I found it. In the form of love... and bacon.

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