May 24
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Puppy Allstar (6 weeks) PDF Print E-mail

Pre- requisite for all classes – one time only Orientation night – 2 hour seminar
2 family members are welcome and strongly recommended to attend for a one – time only fee of $40 + GST per family. This 2 hour seminar will include canine communication, learning theory, leadership habits, destructive behavior solutions, house training and crate training tips.

As soon as your new puppy has his second set of vaccinations, he is ready to be taught in an environment with other dogs. Our positive training techniques, coupled with a fun approach to learning, help you lay solid groundwork for future success in training your puppy.

As with the Fast Track Puppy All Star Class program, this program is designed to introduce your pup to the skills he will require in order to share your life. He will learn sit, down, wait, come when called, and leave it, as well as appropriate responses to daily happenings in his world. He will achieve all these basic skills in a stimulating atmosphere alongside puppies of a similar age.

We use the clicker training method as part of our positive reinforcement training techniques.

Maximum of 4 puppies in class. 

Puppies must have a minimum of 2 sets of vaccinations, be in good health and be under 7 months of age.

$180 + GST - includes 3 "YAPPY HOUR" EVENINGS!

Come socialize, get advice and play learning games once/week as part of the Puppy All Star Training Package! No fee!

Each class meets once a week for six weeks

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