May 24
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We rescued Riddick,a Samoyed Collie Cross, in 2007. He was just a puppy when we brought him home and we immediately fell in love with him.  Shortly after he arrived, we starting noticing certain issues that he was developing. My husband and I had no idea at the time that some rescue dogs develop issues like possession guarding, fear of strangers etc. We think he may have been abused by a man before we got him because when he saw a strange man he would go crazy. We went to a few different trainers but never saw an improvement or agreed with their method of training.

Then we found Super Dog Spectrum and I noticed on their website that you could have one-on-one time with a behaviorist. Finally!!!! This is exactly what we were looking for. Someone who knew about dog behavior and someone we could talk to privately about them. We sat down with Lori Boyle. We told her about Riddick’s issues especially with strangers and told her what were thinking. “Do we have an aggressive dog? Is he a ticking bomb ready to explode?” Lori explained to us that most dogs, especially bigger breeds, can be confused as acting aggressively when all they are is scared. After she spent some time with Riddick she said that Riddick’s issues were fear based not aggression.

We took her Hello Fido class which was phenomenal. In that class she taught us how to gain Riddick’s trust, so in scary situations he looks to us for guidance rather than acting out and how to maintain his focus on us in sticky situations. In the meantime we started taking Riddick 3 days a week to daycare. I was apprehensive at first because of his fear of strangers and at the time the wonderful people that work at the daycare were are all strangers to him.  The daycare was aware of his issues towards people but they did not hesitate at all to take him. In no time at all he was their best friend. I love the DayCare!! I trust them 110% and they are always aware of Riddick’s issues towards people and never forget them. He is able play and socialize with dogs and people all day.

After Hello Fido we took Canine Communication which I totally recommend to anyone even if their dogs do not have issues because it teaches you to read their body language. This is a great help to keep them out of uncomfortable situations and being able to read them before they react in a way where you can not gain control right was a true eye opener.

We have made a lot of progress with Riddick over the last year but we still have a long way to go. We are able to take him for walks now...before we could not even leave our front step without him seeing someone walking down the street and just going crazy. My husband and I have also developed such a strong bond with him now thanks to Hello Fido, Canine Communication, and all the help from staff; he trusts us completely. I recommend Superdog Spectrum to everyone and anyone. Thanks so much for everything. You helped us understand Riddick and for that we are forever grateful.

Rob and Terra Altshuler

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