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Our 3 year old collie cross, Daisy, came to us 2 years ago from a local rescue group. She had been neglected and abused, and her behavior soon showed many signs of her difficult start in life.  She was very reactive to other dogs, as well as to unfamiliar people and situations.

She was certainly a handful, and we began to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into! Fortunately, we found Superdog Spectrum, and began to take Daisy to day care there. The outstanding staff were patient and persistent in encouraging her to learn how to get along with other dogs, and with a variety of people.  Slowly, Daisy started to be less reactive, and she really seemed to enjoy the company of many of her "doggy friends".  At that point, I took her to several of the classes offered at Superdog Spectrum.  One in particular, Hello Fido, is specifically for dogs with behaviors like Daisy's. I learned how to interpret many canine behaviors, and how to handle issues of fear, aggression and reactivity. It was designed with Daisy in mind!

The excellent staff in the daycare continued to work with her, reinforcing the "good manners" we continue to ask Daisy to demonstrate at home. We have a much different dog now - thanks to the skill and knowledge of the staff who have helped us along the way! They all show great dedication to their work, and provide a wonderfully positive environment for both dogs and their human companions.

Dianne & Daisy

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