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"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Superdog Spa PDF Print E-mail

The ultimate in pampering for the modern pooch. Our doggie spa packages guarantee keeping your SuperDog feeling and looking great.

Our large, bright grooming salon is a quiet space for your canine to relax in while being pampered during their spa experience. Highly professional and accomplished pet stylists will truly spoil your best friend.

The day begins with lots of excitement and then progresses into a relaxing session of pampering with one of our professional, award winning stylists. Equipped with the latest hydro-surge massage bathing system, a day at the spa melts away stress while stimulating and refreshing your SuperDog with a deep, healthy cleansing of the coat and skin.

Our goal is to make this one of the best grooming experiences for you and your pet. Having an educated pet owner and a happy, healthy pet is one of the most satisfying feelings a groomer can have.

We offer a complete line of SuperDog salon services including baths, haircuts, and yes, even pawdicures.

Questions? Please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SuperDog Spectrum's award winning pet stylists offer the following services:

  • Bath and Tidy - a basic tidy up including a face trim, feet, bottom and hygiene areas, nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking.
  • Shave down - 1 inch to 1/8 inch in length including nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking.
  • Breed clip - styled to the standard breed profile.
  • Custom - Any client-preferred scissor clip.

Each service is priced according to the breed and size of your dog.


We begin with a ‘meet and greet’ with a professional stylist to discuss and ask questions relevant to your dog’s specific needs and requirements. You have a chance to tell the groomer about any concerns, quirks or issues you or your pet may have about grooming. The style of tim, shampoo or spa package will be your choice with some guidance from the groomer.

Your dog will first get a nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking (if required), full brush out (de-matting if necessary) followed by a relaxing bath of your choice from one of our spa packages. Your dog will be dried using cool/warm air drying.

Following this initial set of steps, you SuperDog is given a piddle break and a quiet rest.

Once your dog is rested, the final stage begins. The coat is given a second brush out  and the stylist finishes the style or clip. Sprays and colognes are not used unless specified by the owner.

Extra spa services, such as massage therapy are included in the process only upon request. See our page on Canine Massage with Kristin Harrigan our Massage Specialist.

Ultimate Pampering - Spa Packages

All Natural

Spiritual. Organic. Complete. Hemp oil is nature's richest source of essential fatty acids, moisturizing and rejuvenating the coat for an all natural shine.

This package is great for those who want only all-natural products used on their dogs, dogs with damaged coats, post-surgical dogs, and dogs with infrequent itchiness. Great for all pets.

SuperDog Spectrum's All Natural Spa Package includes a full 10 to 15 minutes of hydro-massage therapy, luxurious hemp shampoo and conditioner treatment, followed by a soothing footpad treatment that utilizes 100% pure Canadian hemp seed oil.

$25.00 + grooming

Relaxation Therapy

It's tough being a dog in today's fast paced world. Sometimes you just need to relax and take time for yourself.

This package is great not only for the nervous and shy dogs but also for those with stiff, sore joints and muscles including high energy sporting dogs, aging pets (seniors) and post-surgical dogs.

SuperDog Spectrum's Relaxation Therapy Spa Package utilizes aroma therapy shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with a full body hydro-massage treatment.

Following a soothing towel dry, our masseuse continues the treatment with 10 to 15 minutes of massage.

$35.00 + grooming

Skin Repair Solution

For those special skin conditions that require a medicated bath, SuperDog Spectrum offers a deep cleansing treatment in conjunction with 10 to 15 minutes of hydro-massage therapy. We offer a complete line of skin soothing shampoos and conditioners for instant relief.

This package is excellent for pets with seasonal allergies, dogs that suffer from winter dryness, dogs prone to 'hotspots' or excessive itching. Also great coat and skin conditioning for those not groomed on a regular basis.

Included in the treatment is a soothing footpad treatment utilizing 100% pure Canadian hemp seed oil that completely absorbs into and moisturizes chapped pads.

$25.00 + groom

Stylin' Paws

Stepping out in style. SuperDog Spectrum's four foot 'Pawdicure' takes care of those torn, split and broken toe nails, trims the hair between the pads and toes, and soothes, rejuvenates and moisturizes even the roughest pads with an exclusive blend of natural botanical and essential oils. Sheer heaven. For fun, add a splash of colour with our full line of nail polish for dogs.

$15.00 to $25.00

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