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Nov 23
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Caitlin Boyle - Administrative Assistant PDF Print E-mail


Hi my name is Caitlin Boyle, I've spent my entire life around dogs … literally. My first word was ‘Piper’ our Cairn Terrier’s name.

Being surrounded by not only canines, but all types of animals throughout my life, has greatly influenced me. My family had a number of Superdogs that performed in the show throughout the years, and we travelled from coast to coast in Canada and the USA for the majority of my childhood. Being a rebel however, at the age of seven I got my first orange, flat faced, short haired, Persian CAT named Egor. Because of my background with dogs and knowing the success of positive training, (and possibly wanting to prove that cats were just as clever as dogs) I began training my cat to do simple obedience. Let me tell you, clicker training an unmotivated cat was not as simple as I had expected, however we did succeed and Egor even scored a small background role in the made for TV movie ‘The Clinic.' If anything else this proves that positive motivation really does work.

I have been involved with the Superdog Spectrum since my mother opened it in 1998. The Spectrum provides a great place for dogs and their owners to come and learn more about each other and how to communicate properly. It also presents a fantastic and safe place for dogs to discover how to interact with their own kind.

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