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The Management & Staff at Superdog Spectrum would like to thank our many clients for their kind and encouraging words of praise. We truly enjoy being able to offer the specialized services that have made the Spectrum their #1 choice in care and training for their dogs.

The following special people thoughtfully shared their stories, putting their kind words to the keyboard, and have allowed us to post them here for you to read...

Linda Strachan PDF Print E-mail

I would like to talk about the merits of private training sessions. I would like to thank Dana Gallagher for the amazing change in my dogs behavior. Cassie is a 2 1/2 year old black lab-husky cross. She is a rescue puppy from Pets for Life adopted at 4 months. She was always very anxious about meeting new people frequently running to hide She has been at super dog now for several years. Once familiar with staff, she is comfortable. When at the off leach park, she was again suspicious of strangers and difficult to catch at leaving time. I hired Dana for private obedience lessons. Dana chose to work with Cassie's behavioral issues first. She is now going up to strangers without issues and also now coming when called at the off leash park. It is the best money I have spent. Cassie is now a more rewarding and obedient pet

I would like to encourage other owners, with pet behavior issues, to consider the benefits of one on one training sessions.

Tanya Nader PDF Print E-mail

I still remember the first time I called Superdogs – I had recently brought Bogart, a-then 9 month old, no-manners Staffordshire Bull Terrier into my home, and my hopes of having a great partnership were quickly dwindling. Everywhere I went for training help seemed to practice extremes of “all love, no structure” or “all force, no love.” Frustrated to the point of tears, I called Superdogs one day on a lark and ended up sitting on the phone with Kris for almost an hour – for once, I felt like I was speaking with someone who really understood and appreciated wanting to do right by your dog and the concept of positive training, and who also made those things seem possible.

While I am somewhat apprehensive about most dog daycares’ approach of putting dogs of all ages, temperaments, sizes and backgrounds into a big room for a day with the hopes that they’ll “sort it out,” I was relieved when I learned of Superdogs’ innovative approach to daycare; customizing the dogs’ play groups and allowing them “off time” to rest actually enables the dogs to learn how to play with each other. I don’t know of anywhere else that offers several different play rooms with full supervision, as well as putting the effort in to build different play groups for the day. I’m always proud when I go to pick up Bogart from daycare and hear about the different “friends” he played with (it’s always fun to be given visual descriptions of your 40lb dog standing underneath a dog twice his size and still playing nonstop!). Bogart always has the biggest grin on the car ride home after class, and promptly passes out when we get home – at the end of a long work day, daycare becomes a treat not just for the dog, but for the owner as well!

Bogart and I have taken several obedience courses with Superdogs and have always had an amazing time at all of them. The staff are knowledgeable and take the time to help each individual dog with their specific needs, all the while offering tons of encouragement and support both in and out of class. I now have a dog who follows hand signals, knows extensive commands, walks nicely on a leash, and who constantly impresses everyone he meets. I’ve achieved that relationship with Bogart not by using force, but by creating a partnership, and learning how to respect and communicate with him in a way that is clear to him.

Although I’m a huge worrywart when it comes to Bogart, I trust the team at Superdogs with him with absolutely no worries, and I genuinely know that they care for his well being and success as much as I do.

The people who say “it’s just a dog” will never understand the commitment that some of us make to our animals. On the same note, The Superdog Spectrum isn’t “just” a dog daycare or “just” a training center. Lori, Tylene, Kris, Sarah, and the rest of the team aren’t “just” the staff there. Rather, The Superdog Spectrum is a family, and one that I will always be indebted to for the help they’ve given us.

B13 B25





Cailin PDF Print E-mail
Cailin, my Border Collie, has been going to the Spectrum's Doggie Day School for almost three years. The experience is a very positive one for her. When we ask her if she wants to go to "school", she runs to our front door and waits for us to put her leash on.

I find the staff are very qualified, especially in behaviours, and know just what kind of playgroups would best suit her needs. Cailin spends hours in her play groups and comes home exhausted from all her activities. The staff at the Spectrum has taken a personal interest in Cailin and constantly assists me in amending some of her quirks.

I can't say enough about the care and attention she receives at Doggie Day School. I continually recommend this facility to my friends and acquaintances.

Heidi Phipson
Daisy PDF Print E-mail

Our 3 year old collie cross, Daisy, came to us 2 years ago from a local rescue group. She had been neglected and abused, and her behavior soon showed many signs of her difficult start in life.  She was very reactive to other dogs, as well as to unfamiliar people and situations.

She was certainly a handful, and we began to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into! Fortunately, we found Superdog Spectrum, and began to take Daisy to day care there. The outstanding staff were patient and persistent in encouraging her to learn how to get along with other dogs, and with a variety of people.  Slowly, Daisy started to be less reactive, and she really seemed to enjoy the company of many of her "doggy friends".  At that point, I took her to several of the classes offered at Superdog Spectrum.  One in particular, Hello Fido, is specifically for dogs with behaviors like Daisy's. I learned how to interpret many canine behaviors, and how to handle issues of fear, aggression and reactivity. It was designed with Daisy in mind!

The excellent staff in the daycare continued to work with her, reinforcing the "good manners" we continue to ask Daisy to demonstrate at home. We have a much different dog now - thanks to the skill and knowledge of the staff who have helped us along the way! They all show great dedication to their work, and provide a wonderfully positive environment for both dogs and their human companions.

Dianne & Daisy

Blu PDF Print E-mail
Hi everyone at Superdog Spectrum,

I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you for the wonderful care & love you give to my pride & joy, Blu. When I came to you over six months ago it was because Blu’s vet, Wendy James, recommended you. Blu was 14 months old and gaining weight. He is a much loved dog but we can’t be with him all the time and so would need to keep him at home while we work. Blu wasn’t getting enough exercise and he lacked stimulation.

I have seen such a difference in Blu since he has been coming daily to be with all his friends.  He loves to play, he is tired at the end of the day & always happy to return.

It takes a lot of hard work & heart to handle dogs of all sizes and personalities every day and all of you seem to enjoy your work. I feel Blu is so loved & well cared for that I never worry about him.

Thank you so much for all you do.

Carolyn, Dan, & Blu
Riddick PDF Print E-mail

We rescued Riddick,a Samoyed Collie Cross, in 2007. He was just a puppy when we brought him home and we immediately fell in love with him.  Shortly after he arrived, we starting noticing certain issues that he was developing. My husband and I had no idea at the time that some rescue dogs develop issues like possession guarding, fear of strangers etc. We think he may have been abused by a man before we got him because when he saw a strange man he would go crazy. We went to a few different trainers but never saw an improvement or agreed with their method of training.

Then we found Super Dog Spectrum and I noticed on their website that you could have one-on-one time with a behaviorist. Finally!!!! This is exactly what we were looking for. Someone who knew about dog behavior and someone we could talk to privately about them. We sat down with Lori Boyle. We told her about Riddick’s issues especially with strangers and told her what were thinking. “Do we have an aggressive dog? Is he a ticking bomb ready to explode?” Lori explained to us that most dogs, especially bigger breeds, can be confused as acting aggressively when all they are is scared. After she spent some time with Riddick she said that Riddick’s issues were fear based not aggression.

We took her Hello Fido class which was phenomenal. In that class she taught us how to gain Riddick’s trust, so in scary situations he looks to us for guidance rather than acting out and how to maintain his focus on us in sticky situations. In the meantime we started taking Riddick 3 days a week to daycare. I was apprehensive at first because of his fear of strangers and at the time the wonderful people that work at the daycare were are all strangers to him.  The daycare was aware of his issues towards people but they did not hesitate at all to take him. In no time at all he was their best friend. I love the DayCare!! I trust them 110% and they are always aware of Riddick’s issues towards people and never forget them. He is able play and socialize with dogs and people all day.

After Hello Fido we took Canine Communication which I totally recommend to anyone even if their dogs do not have issues because it teaches you to read their body language. This is a great help to keep them out of uncomfortable situations and being able to read them before they react in a way where you can not gain control right was a true eye opener.

We have made a lot of progress with Riddick over the last year but we still have a long way to go. We are able to take him for walks now...before we could not even leave our front step without him seeing someone walking down the street and just going crazy. My husband and I have also developed such a strong bond with him now thanks to Hello Fido, Canine Communication, and all the help from staff; he trusts us completely. I recommend Superdog Spectrum to everyone and anyone. Thanks so much for everything. You helped us understand Riddick and for that we are forever grateful.

Rob and Terra Altshuler


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