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Registration: Application for Training
You only have to fill in this application form once per dog, the next time you register for a class, you can breeze through the forms.

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First Name:  *  
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Orientation night

Pre- requisite for all classes – one time only Orientation night – 2 hour seminar All family members are welcome and strongly recommended to attend for a one – time only fee of $40 + GST per applicant. This 2 hour seminar will include canine communication, learning theory, leadership habits, destructive behavior solutions, house training and crate training tips.

Is this your first training class at Superdog Spectrum?:   *     Yes    No  
Preferred Orientation Night Date:

Choose Your Training Program

Movie Dog Seminar with Lori Boyle:   Movie Dog Seminar with Lori Boyle - $150  
Puppy Programs
(for dogs 8 months and under. Some exceptions.):
  Fast Track Puppy Allstar - $180  
  Puppy Allstar - $180  
  Puppy Einstein - $180  
Agility Training:   Agility Foundation Class - $180  
  Basic Athlete - $240  
  Novice Athlete - $240  
  Excelling Athlete - $240  
  Master Athlete - $240  
  Agility Handlers - $240  
  Agility Competition Class - $240  
  Perfect Hot Dog - $180  
Dog Sports:   Flyball Level 1 - $180  
  Flyball Level 2 - $180  
  Rally Obedience - $180  
  Novice Rally Obedience - $180  
Specialty Classes:   Merely Scents - Intro to K9 Nose Work® - $270  
  Intro to Odor - $270  
  Beyond the Box (Continuing Nose Work) - $270  
  Tricks - $120  
  Movie Dogs "Take One" - $180  
  Movie Dogs "Take Two" - $180  
  Superdog Games - $180  
  Freestyle Training - $180  
Obedience:   Basic Manners - $180  
  Better Manners - $180  
  Radical Recall - $180  
  Loose Leash Walking - $120  
  Let's Go Walking - $120  
  Let's Talk K9 - $180  
  Step 1: Canine Communication - $120  
  Step 2: Hello Fido - $180  
  Step 3: Real World Rover - $180  
  Perfect Hot Dog - $180  
Secondary Phone Number:
GST:   *     5% GST  

Preferred Start Date and Time

(see schedule for class start dates)
Preferred Start Date:
Preferred Start Time:

Dog Profile

Dog's Name:
Dog's Breed Type:
Dog's Age:
Dog's Date of Birth:
Dog's Colour:
Dog's Gender:   Male    Female  
Is your dog spayed or neutered:   Spayed    Neutered    Intact  
Current Veterinarian (Clinic):
Current Veterinarian's Phone:
Dog was acquired from:   Pet Shop    Shelter    Breeder    Other  
Age of dog when acquired:
Has your dog been to another school:   Yes    No  
If other school is yes, when and what classes:
What are your objectives for having your dog in class:
Check anything that applies to your dog:   Growls  
  Excessive Energy  
  Separation Anxiety  
  Mouths Things  
  Not good with people  
  Guards Food/Toys  
  Won't listen to me  
  Not good with dogs  
Anything else that applies to your dog:


For your dog's protection and the protection of the other participants, we must INSIST that you bring proof of current vaccinations and to be provided upon on the first night of class and or the first day of daycare. Vaccinations must be updated regularly.
Vaccination Date DHL:
Vaccination Date Rabies:
Vaccination Date Parvo:
Vaccination Date Bordetella (Kennel Cough):

Dog Profile

In an effort to learn as much about your dog as possible, the Superdog Spectrum Staff strives to build a trusting relationship with your dog and place him/her in the best class possible for optimal socializing, wellbeing and fun!

Commands and phrases used for (words, phrases, noises you use on a daily basis)

Going for a walk:
Going to the bathroom:
Coming when called:
Settling Down:
Leaving something or someone:
Waiting / Staying:
Getting off of something or someone:
Getting their attention (name, whistle, clapping etc.):
Other commands (sit, down, stand, heel etc.):

Home Environment

Other dogs in the home:   Yes    No  
If yes, how many other dogs:
What breed(s):
Briefly describe their relationship to eachother:
Is your dog kennel trained:   Yes    No  
How many hours on average is your dog left home alone on a day:
What do you live in:   Condo    Apartment    Townhouse    House    Acreage/Farm  
What kind of exercises/activities do you do with your dog:
How many hours on average do you exercise your dog per day:

Social Experiences (with other dogs)

How many weeks was your dog with his/her litter:
What was his/her environment like:
Do you socialize your dog with other dogs:   Yes    No  
If yes, how:   Off leash    Daycare    Classes    Dog walker    Other  
If you chose other, please describe:
How often do you socialize your dog with other dogs:
Has your dog had any negative experiences with another dog or type of dog:   Yes    No  
If yes, please describe:

Social Experiences (with humans)

Does your dog have any fears related to humans:   Yes    No  
If yes, please specify:   Men    Babies    Toddlers    Children under 8 years    Teens    People in uniform    With hats    other  
If other, please describe:
How does your dog react towards these fears:
Does your dog have any other fears/sensitivities:   Yes    No  
If yes, please specify:   Thunder/lightning    Vacuum cleaner    Hot air balloon    Other  
If other, please describe:
How does your dog react:
Has your dog ever had any negative experience with a human(s):

Food / Toys

Will you be providing a meal(s) for your dog while in daycare:   Yes    No  
What does he/she eat:
Special instructions re feeding:
Does your dog protect his/her food and/or bowl from humans:   Yes    No  
Does your dog protect his/her food and/or bowl from other dogs:   Yes    No  
Does your dog have any allergies:   Yes    No  
If yes, please specify:
What is the typical allergic reaction (vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory failure etc.):
Does your dog have any medical conditions we should beware of (epilepsy, heart condition, hip displasia etc.):   Yes    No  
If yes, please specify:
Does your dog need medication for any medical conditions:   Yes    No  
If yes, please specify:
Will your dog need this medication while in our care:   Yes    No  
If yes, please describe administration procedures:


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